Care Bears Cheer Bear Chase Edition Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #351


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Light up your collection and your heart with the Care Bears Cheer Bear Chase Edition Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #351. This glow-in-the-dark collectible is not just a figure; it’s a beacon of happiness, optimism, and rarity. Join Cheer Bear in spreading joy and showcasing your unique personality with this exclusive piece from, where every purchase supports a small business dedicated to the collectors and dreamers.

Featuring the iconic rainbow and cheerful pink of Cheer Bear, this special edition Funko Pop is a must-have for fans of nostalgic pop culture, Care Bears enthusiasts, and collectors seeking unique, limited-edition items. Embrace the power of positivity and let Cheer Bear light the way to a more joyful and expressive collection.


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Embrace the glow of happiness with our latest addition, the Care Bears Cheer Bear Chase Edition Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #351. Let Cheer Bear light up your collection and your spirit, showcasing that joy and positivity always shine brightest. This glow-in-the-dark chase variant is a beacon of rarity and specialness, reminding you that what you love and collect defines the uniqueness of your personality.

Dive into the nostalgia of Care-A-Lot with this limited edition piece, where every Care Bear stands for a powerful message. Cheer Bear, with its iconic rainbow and cheerful pink, is not just a figure; it’s a statement of spreading happiness and optimism. In a world where every day feels the same, let this collectible be your reminder to find joy in the little things and to share that joy with others. Pride in your collection and love for the stories these characters tell can motivate you to showcase your individuality boldly.

By choosing this exclusive Cheer Bear Funko Pop, you’re not just buying a figure; you’re owning a piece of pop culture history that celebrates the power of positive emotions. It’s a testament to the belief that we all have the capacity to bring a little more cheer into our lives and the lives of those around us. This collectible isn’t just an item; it’s a source of motivation, pushing you to be the beacon of happiness in your circle, much like Cheer Bear itself.

When you purchase from, you’re not only getting your hands on an exclusive item; you’re supporting a small business that values the unique personalities of its customers. We’re here to celebrate the collectors, the dreamers, and everyone in between. Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey towards a more joyful and expressive life.

  • Product Type: Vinyl Figure
  • Series: POP! Animation
  • Special Feature: Glow in the Dark, Chase Variant
  • Release Date: March 2018
  • Company: Funko
  • Brand: Care Bears
  • Fans of nostalgic pop culture and classic animations
  • Collectors seeking unique and limited-edition items
  • Those looking to add a splash of joy and color to their collection
  • Enthusiasts of Care Bears and their positive messages


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Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 4 in



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