Vinyl Record Skeleton 2pc Enamel Pin Set


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This little enamel pin set is modest but has quite a bit to say. Let’s try to unpack it. The group consists of two enamel pins, one is an artistically stylized skull, and the other is a vinyl record with skeleton hands around it. I love the cartoon-style skull for a few reasons. The stylized rendering of the human skull provides the necessary reminder of the human dilemma while softening the gruesome nature of seeing an exposed human skull. In this style, we see a rounding of hard edges and the more angular forms of the skull and its borders accompanied by the comically large and deep eye sockets giving it an endearing and almost cute quality. The vinal record tells a different story. There are people out there who will probably say, “Oh, that’s a CD, right?”. I know you, and I laugh at this notion, but someone will think it for sure if you watch. If you wear it often, eventually, a child will ask what it is, that is for sure. The record is a symbol of the audiophile. Analog purists insist that the original vinyl presses of specific albums are the definitive editions. The sound produced by these original albums & needle on that record is the only pure example of a particular song or album. In this way, the vinyl record symbolizes the purity of music.

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  • It comes in a set, one of each design!
  • A little gothic, a little artsy
  • A fun way to accessories and accentuate your personality.
  • Skull Dimensions: About 1.2″ x 1.25″
  • Record Dimensions: About 1.29″ x 1.18″


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