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The Rubik’s Cube was invented by Hungarian professor of architecture and sculpture Erno Rubik.  This isn’t one of those, it’s an ashtray that looks like one.  So don’t go buying this thing and complaining that it doesn’t function properly.  However, it is a very nice ashtray and if you’re a lover of Rubik’s Cubes, puzzles or just nostalgic for some good old 1980’s then this ashtray is a perfect match.  Now let’s get down to some real talk.  Ashtray’s are an essential tool in the connoisseur toolbox.  You’ve got to have yourself a stylish tray.  You can’t be tapping out your ashes into the open mouth of a half full 20oz plastic soda bottle or something like that for heaven’s sake! Not classy!  You’ve gotta get your ashtray collection on fleek!  Starting with this throwback baddie.

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