About Us

Here’s How This All Started

Drift Phase is just a website where people can buy cool stuff, or that’s what it was originally intended to be.  We used to make websites for other people, you know, web developers.  That’s what we did full-time all day long.  The pay was good and the hours were long and the work was fulfilling.   We were like happy little bunnies hopping in the meadow.  However, we started to notice all the people we were making websites for were making all this money online hand over fist using the websites we built!  It was and still is pretty cool. We were happy,  clients are happy, everyone is a fluffy happy little bunny.  Life takes some funny twists and turns though.  The deeper we started to dive into the online retail market space and the more we learned about online retail sales the more appealing the prospect of opening our own retail shop started to sound.

Cool Stuff Guidelines

We have a few guidelines we like to adhere to when we’re looking for cool stuff to sell on the site.

The Cool Stuff Must Be of Good Quality

It’s a fine balance between cool stuff that’s at a good price and cheap shit that’s cool.  We’re trying to lean more towards cool stuff at good prices but we might have some cheap shit that’s cool one day.  We want to offer cool stuff at an honest value.  You always get what you pay for but the value is always held in balance and that’s what we want to deliver.  We want to deliver good value.  If that doesn’t make any sense it’s probably because it’s a scale based on opinion or personal judgment, so… there’s that.  We’ll do our best.

It’s Hippy, Hipster, or Alternative Culture

It’s gotta be weird and trippy or assist you in the journey.  You probably won’t find too many hand blenders on Drift Phase.

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