Master Mordo Funko Pop #1003


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Karl Mordo was once a confidant of the Ancient One, but through his betrayal of the Masters of the Mystic arts, he has been cast out.  In the original Marvel comics, he was known as Baron Mordo and was also a common adversary of Dr. Strange and had plotted to kill the Ancient One!  Still a pretty cool character tho.  Quite the bad ass.

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  • Authentic in original windowed display box
  • measures approx 3 3/4″ Tall
  • Recommended for ages 3 & up

Fun Facts about Karl Mordo

  • Has Vast and Powerful magic abilities
  • Can separate the astral form from his body
  • Has extensive knowledge of magic lore from years of study
  • knows a mysterious form of Karate-like martial arts


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