Panda Backflow Incense Burner


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If you don’t know what a backflow incense burner is, let me help you. The is one wholesome and cute backflow panda incense burner. Backflow incense has a tiny hole in the bottom of the cone so that the smoke from the incense travels downward and tends to cascade through the backflow incense sculpture. In this case, it’s a little panda bear sitting next to a waterfall eating a piece of bamboo. The smoke from your favorite backflow incense will roll down the path of the waterfall into a little pool next to the panda.

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  • Stands 5″ tall
  • About 4.5″ in diameter
  • Back-flow Incense functionality
  • Cute panda eating bamboo!

Fun Facts About Panda Bears!

  • One human year is three panda years, kinda like dog years.
  • Pandas can swim!
  • Pandas tend to be loners, they feed on bamboo and don’t need to hunt in packs.
  • Panda poop about 60lbs a day, fiber rich diet I suppose.
  • Pandas don’t hibernate like other bears.


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