Leprechaun Pop! Movies Vinyl Figure


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  • Jennifer Aniston was in the original 1993 Horror Film!
  • The Leprechaun was played by Warwick Davis, who also played Willow!
  • Authentic, official Funko Pop! Movies collectible #1245
  • Maybe help him find his gold!  Or else! 😓
  • It measures bout 3 3/4″ in height, appropriately.

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I know more than a few people who, watching the Leprechaun as a child, left them SCARRED for LIFE!!! There’s something about this character that is spooky.  Maybe it’s a small size, maybe it’s his ghoulish face, or it is probably a combination of the two.  He makes you think twice about taking a coin from his pot of gold.  In all reality, if there were REAL Leprechauns, they’d probably be more like this guy and less like the Lucky Charms guy. Centuries of people trying to take your gold have to take a toll on someone.


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