OK, Hunter X Hunter aficionados! Gear up for a deep dive into the Election Arc, one of the most strategic and politically charged seasons of the series. This season isn’t just about the thrill of the hunt; it’s a chess game of tactics, alliances, and some serious character growth. Let’s unpack the main events and see how our beloved characters navigate through this complex storyline.

The Election Arc Unraveled

The Quest for a New Chairman

After the legendary Chairman Netero’s demise, the Hunter Association finds itself in a frenzy to elect a new leader. It’s not your typical election – think more cutthroat strategy with a dash of Hunter-style shenanigans. This arc introduces us to the Zodiacs, the elite members of the Association, each with their unique flair and tactical minds.

The Political Dance

The election becomes a battleground for the most cunning and strategic Hunters. From Pariston Hill’s sly maneuvers to Cheadle Yorkshire’s straightforward approach, the candidates bring a mix of styles to the table. It’s not just about who’s the strongest; it’s a game of wits, persuasion, and unexpected moves.

Gon’s Recovery: A Race Against Time

Gon from Anime Hunter x Hunter

Gon from Anime Hunter x Hunter

Parallel to the election drama, we have Gon’s recovery. Killua embarks on a mission to save his best friend, showcasing his growth from a shadowed assassin to a loyal, independent thinker. His journey to save Gon, involving the introduction of his sister Alluka and her incredible powers, ties back to the main theme of friendship triumphing over adversity.

Main Themes and Character Influence

The Theme of Strategy and Morality

The Election Arc isn’t just about who gets the most votes; it’s about the moral and ethical decisions that come with power. Characters like Leorio Paradinight, typically seen as the comic relief, emerge as key figures. His impromptu punch thrown at Ging Freecss during the election debate becomes a pivotal moment, highlighting how straightforward honesty can sometimes be more influential than the most calculated strategy.

Friendship and Sacrifice

Amidst the political backdrop, the enduring theme of friendship takes center stage. Gon’s friends, especially Killua, go to great lengths for his recovery, embodying the spirit of sacrifice and loyalty. It’s a stark contrast to the often self-serving motives seen in the election, showing that personal bonds can outweigh the lust for power.

The Evolution of Characters

Killua Hunter X Hunter Anime Election Arc

This season is a testament to the growth of characters like Killua, who confronts his family legacy and personal fears to save Gon. Meanwhile, characters like Illumi Zoldyck and Hisoka bring in a layer of complexity with their own agendas, showing that not every character fits neatly into the hero or villain box.


The Election Arc of Hunter X Hunter is a masterclass in storytelling that goes beyond action-packed battles. It’s a season that challenges the characters to think beyond their strengths and confront their moral compasses. With strategic political moves, deep-seated friendships, and a climax that sets the stage for future events, this arc is a riveting watch for anyone who loves a good mix of action, strategy, and character-driven plots.

So, grab your snacks and get ready to experience a season that encapsulates the essence of Hunter X Hunter: strategy, heart, and the unpredictable nature of human (and Hunter) ambition!

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