Let’s talk about marketing first. The studio did such a lousy job of marketing this movie. I didn’t even know it was coming out until a friend of mine came into my work at said, “Hey bro, you going to go see Studio 666?”. I was confused. This guy is a big horror fan, but I knew something was going on about the movie in the back of my head. He knows I’m a rocker. He told me it was starring the Foo Fighters, and I didn’t even believe it. I like to think I’m pretty plugged in. I get news about rock stuff on my personalized feeds. I found out about the baby from the Nirvana album cover suing because he’s grown up now but was nude album cover as an infant, and he claims it caused him emotional damage; I hear about things like that. Things rock-related are on my radar, but I didn’t know about this movie.

Let’s talk about the movie Studio 666. I know it’s gotten horrible reviews, but it had about an 83% User rating on rotten tomatoes last I checked, so give it a chance. It’s the Foo Fighters as themselves. These guys aren’t actors; they are musicians. I think they did a pretty good job considering that fact. The plot is pretty predictable. The Foo Fighters are having trouble making their 10th studio album and go to an abandoned mansion to record and focus on the music. I don’t want to give anything away, and there aren’t many twists and turns. Don’t expect an M. Night Shyamalan ending either. This movie stands out because of the music, the fantastic death scenes, and the Foo Fighters. If you like those things, you might have a pretty good time.

We all know the Foo Fighters, and Dave Grohl is a rock legend. He was the drummer for Nirvana and then started his mega band. You can’t get any more legendary than that. One of the things that popped right out to me was the talented Whitney Cummings. I didn’t even know who she was, but she was stunning in her small but fun role. The death scenes were great. They had a good team on practical effects because they looked great. The kind of gore that makes you shutter and laugh. You’ll also get a little nostalgia boost if you grew up in the 1990s because there are a few dated rock’n roll references sprinkled in. With time I think Studio 666 will take its place as a pretty awesome rock’n roll b-movie horror genre film.

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