If you’re a Sci-Fi fan in general, the HBO Max original series Raised by Wolves is a solid watch. It’s got all the trappings of an excellent traditional sci-fi series put together in a creative and compelling storyline. I’ve done my best to keep spoilers out of it. I’ve only watched the first season, and season two has just hit streaming. Raised by Wolves is one of those shows you have to just “let go” if you want to enjoy it, like most good sci-fi. This series throws you into a world you don’t know much about other than the fact it’s in the not too distant future but far enough to where our technology is sufficiently advanced to be spectacular.


Raised by Wolves takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting. Ravaged by war, humans a forced to seek a new home in the galaxy. It’s almost like the great westward expansion back from American History class if the eastern seaboard was uninhabitable and we’re trying to colonize the universe because we need to. Let’s say that. The plot brings tension between the two main warring factions that have escaped earth, Atheists and Mithraic. The Mithraic is analogous to Christianity and takes on religious crusade-like garb and attitude. Both factions are fighting for survival, and the plot goes deep; not everyone is what they appear to be; it’s full of twists. Check it out on HBO Max, and let us know what you think in the comments sections below!

Update: 03-01-2022 – With Spoilers 

I just finished the first season.  Wow, at the end of the first season you’re really thrown for a loop.  By the time the last episode is over this series could go anywhere.  Things get bizarre. It turns out that the child Mother is carrying is some kind of alien child, most definitely not human.  It is extremely bizarre and what’s even more bizarre and out of character is that she and Father try to kill the creature.

What did you think of the last episode of Raised by Wolves?  Will you watch Season 2?  Leave your reply in the comment section below!

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