XL 18″ Coffin Incense Burner with Hidden Nook


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Meet the XL Wood 18″ Coffin Incense Burner with Hidden Incense Nook – a transcendent masterpiece of craftsmanship that will elevate your aromatherapy experience and transport you to a realm of wholeness, relaxation, and universal harmony. This is not your ordinary incense holder; it’s a mesmerizing work of art that flawlessly blends functionality with exquisite celestial design.

Expertly crafted from high-quality wood and spanning a colossal 18 inches in length, this incense holder is an essential addition to your sacred space, emanating an aura of spirituality and soothing energy. The intricate inlaid celestial design is a striking testament to the artisan’s skill and passion, invoking the mysteries of the cosmos and the profound wisdom of the stars.

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The XL Wood 18″ Coffin Incense Burner’s coffin-style incense area is an enchanting and dramatic centerpiece, perfect for those who appreciate the macabre and the unique. But the true magic lies beneath the surface – a hidden nook, shrouded in secrecy, where you can discreetly store your precious incense. This cleverly concealed compartment is the epitome of form and function, ensuring your incense stays safe and protected while adding an element of surprise and intrigue.

As you watch the fragrant smoke from your incense spiraling towards the heavens, allow yourself to be enveloped by a sense of serenity and peace, as you embark on a journey towards inner harmony and balance. The XL Wood 18″ Coffin Incense Burner is more than just an incense holder; it’s an invitation to explore the depths of your spirituality and an expression of your connection to the universe.

Experience the transformative power of scent and embrace the healing benefits of aromatherapy with the XL Wood 18″ Coffin Incense Burner with Hidden Incense Nook. Revel in the hypnotic dance of the incense smoke and let your soul be touched by the whispers of the cosmos, as you embark on a journey to discover the true essence of relaxation, spirituality, and universal harmony.

  • Inlaid Celestial Design
  • Length: A Massive 18″
  • Material: Wood

Additional information

Weight 23 oz
Dimensions 19 × 4 × 4 in


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