Smoking Caterpillar Incense Burner


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If there’s one thing we love at Drift Phase it’s some kickass laid-back smoking caterpillar.  The second we saw this smoking caterpillar incense burner, done.  The caterpillar is one of the most iconic of the  Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland characters sitting on top of his mushroom smoking a hookah.  This little buddy is actually chilling in some lush green grass and here and there are a few red cap mushrooms sprouting up.  The caterpillar is reading a book.  It doesn’t say what book.  A friend of mine said, “It’s probably the Anarchist’s Cookbook!”.  “I don’t think so bro, that’s a little extreme”, I said.  “He’s pretty chill, it’s probably a philosophy book.”.  You’ll have to decide what book he’s reading.  I think each person should get to choose what their caterpillar reads.  I’m solid on that.  Anyway, we love to burn incense and it can get a little messy.  It’s good to have a nice incense holder to catch all of the ash, contain the mess, and keep things safe.  This inquisitive caterpillar incense burner is just what you need to help out with all that.  This incense burner is crafted from sturdy polyresin.

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Don’t forget incense burners make terrific gifts. Pick one up for yourself and for someone you love.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 5 in


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