Retro Cassette Tape 4pc Enamel Pin Set


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Mixtapes used to be a thing; now, they call them playlists.  Way back in the day, you used to have to individually record each song onto another tape from the original to make a complication of songs for someone or just yourself.  The act of creating a mixtape took an enormous amount of time. Each musical piece had to be chosen, space was limited, and the progression of songs was of the utmost importance.  These little cassette tape-shaped pins harken back to that simpler time.  One of the tapes has “Good Vibes” written on the label.  Blank tapes used to come with little self-adhesive labels so you could keep track of all the mixes you made.  This kind of sounds funny now.  There’s also a grey cassette pin that says Sad Songs.  We all get in those feely moods and throw on some jams that conjure deep and personal emotions.  One of the pins is just a cassette; it doesn’t have any label.  The last one, the pink one, says, “Best of the 90’s”.  The 1990s were when cassette tapes were famous, so it’s a fitting label.

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  • 4 Piece Pin Set
  • One for each jacket, or one for each mood, you decide.
  • Show your old-school chops
  • Comes with a rubber backing
  • Each pin is about 1.1″ wide by 0.7″ tall.


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