Peace Sign Psychedelic Embroidered Patch


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Introducing the Peace Sign Psychedelic Embroidered Patch – a vibrant and captivating work of art that is perfect for every free-spirited soul out there. Designed by the renowned artist, Dan Morris, this stunning creation combines the essence of peace, love, and Woodstock vibes, making it an exceptional piece to adorn your favorite garments and accessories.



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Measuring 3.5″ tall, this exquisite embroidered patch features an intricate sun, moon, and planets harmoniously woven together within the iconic peace sign symbol. Each vibrant color and thread detail represent the timelessness of the Hippy era and the transcendent power of peace, love, and cosmic unity.

The Peace Sign Psychedelic Embroidered Patch is a unique addition to your collection, whether you’re a fan of Woodstock nostalgia or simply love the enchanting psychedelic aesthetics. Its high-quality embroidery ensures a long-lasting design that will stand the test of time and countless adventures. Express your unwavering devotion to the ideals of love, peace, and cosmic harmony by adding this mesmerizing patch to your jackets, backpacks, jeans, or any other fabric that calls out for a touch of Hippy magic.

Embrace the spirit of the Peace Sign Psychedelic Embroidered Patch and let it transport you back to the golden days of Woodstock, where music, love, and freedom reigned supreme. Order yours today and let the captivating charm of this beautifully crafted patch be a constant reminder to channel your inner hippy and spread peace and love wherever you go.

  • Size: 3.5″ tall
  • Embroidered Patch
  • Artist: Dan Morris


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