Nazar Amulet Hamsa Hand Bangle Bracelet


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The Nazar Amulet, or “Evil Eye,” as some people call it, is an eye-shaped amulet that helps protect individuals against negative energies that accompany negative emotions like the destructive power of envy.  Ojo (evil eye) can also be given unintentionally.  Let’s say, for instance, that someone admiringly looks upon your clothing or hair.  Some say this may accidentally impart some negative energies toward you.  The Nazar Amulet is intended to help protect you from these unintended incorporeal powers.



  • Beautiful Earthy Tones
  • Protects you from the Evil Eye
  • 5 Section bangle bracelet set

This unique bangle bracelet set has several bohemian-styled sections that create a lovely accessory set together or individually.  There are three different color patterns to choose from, so you get the protection you need and the look you want.



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