Dune Chani Funko Pop #1144 – Zendaya


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Chani is a central character in the Dune saga, the love of Paul Maud’Dib and the daughter of Liet Kynes, the imperial planetologist for Arrakis. Not destined to become Paul’s wife, Chani is one of the most central characters in the Dune Saga and mother to God-Emperor Leto Atreides II. Chani is seen here in her still suit with deep blue Fremen eyes from living on the planet Dune and being exposed to the spice melange her whole life.  Take Zendaya home and add her to your collection of Funko today before she becomes a hard-to-find piece.

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  • Authentic Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #1144
  • measures approx 3 3/4″  tall


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