Attack On Titan – Eren Jaeger Funko Pop!


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  • He looks like he’s ready for action!  Calm down, killer!
  • Authentic & Official Attack On Titan Funko Pop! #1165
  • It possesses the power of three Titans!
  • Survey Corps Eren… the one we all love… right?

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Some people think this former member of the Survey Corps is the coolest, others not so much.  We all have our scars and trauma that we’re working to overcome.  Eren here watched a titan eat his mother.  That has to be a little traumatic. Who knows? Maybe this little guy can provide some consolation, and you can hang out and share your traumas with one another. He’s a warrior, he’s ready for action, and is a good friend to help remind you to be resilient in the face of adversity. You’ve both been through a lot and should be together. Show your love for AOT and pick up this cute but seemingly angry little Eren Yeager Funko Pop!


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