Attack on Titan Armin Arlelt Chase Edition Funko Pop! #1447


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Step up your collection game with the Attack on Titan Armin Arlelt Chase Edition Funko Pop! #1447. This exclusive collectible is a standout piece, symbolizing the bravery and spirit of one of anime’s beloved characters. It’s not just a Funko Pop; it’s a piece of the Attack on Titan legacy.

Embrace your uniqueness with this limited edition item from Support small businesses and showcase your personal style. This Armin Arlelt Funko Pop is the perfect addition for any collector who values rarity and character representation.

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Unleash your inner fan with the exclusive Attack on Titan Armin Arlelt Chase Edition Funko Pop! #1447. This rare gem is more than just a collectible; it’s a statement of your unique taste and a tribute to one of anime’s most admired characters. Armin Arlelt, portrayed in his iconic attire, embodies courage and determination, traits that resonate with fans worldwide.

This limited edition Funko Pop, a must-have for collectors, features a distinctive head sculpt, setting it apart from the common version. Imagine the pride of displaying this rare piece in your collection, a symbol of your dedication to the world of anime. It’s not just a purchase; it’s an investment in your passion for anime and a nod to the deep connection fans have with the Attack on Titan series.

By choosing this exclusive item from, you’re not only elevating your collection but also supporting a small business that appreciates your individuality. Each purchase is a step towards breaking the monotonous routine, encouraging you to embrace your unique personality and love for pop culture.

  • Rare Chase Edition Funko Pop of Armin Arlelt from Attack on Titan
  • Unique head sculpt is different from the common version
  • Perfect for collectors and anime enthusiasts
  • Supports small businesses and celebrates individuality
  • A symbol of courage and determination

Who Would Love This:

  • Anime enthusiasts seeking unique collectibles
  • Funko Pop collectors looking for rare items
  • Fans of Attack on Titan and its compelling characters
  • Anyone who admires the virtues of courage and determination
  • Individuals who enjoy showcasing their unique personality through their collection

Additional information

Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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