I have to say that I’ve enjoyed Anthony Mackie’s films and shows. I enjoyed his roll as Falcon in the Avengers Movies and MCU appearances. I loved the second season of Altered Carbon on Netflix as well. From what I understand he was even in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter but I don’t really remember Mackie from that. It’s been awhile. You don’t have to be an Anthony Mackie fan to enjoy this movie though, if you enjoy an good Sci-Fi action flick then here you go.  The special effects are sparse but look good, Netflix good, in line with their offering of premium quality movies, and just like all quality sci-fi movies it presents you with problems of morality and technology.

Beware, spoiler alert past this point, you’ve been warned.

The movie centers on a drone pilot Harp (Damson Idris) who disobeys an order precipitating the death of two soldiers thousands of miles away. The film’s focus plays upon morality, specifically on the cold calculation of drone pilots making life or death decisions about their fellow soldiers.   The morality themes run deep in this one.  He gets reassigned to actual base the soldiers he killed were stationed, woooooow, the irony.  Harp shows up, gets his ass handed to him, beat up and thrown in a team up with a cybernetic robo-soldier Captain Leo (Anthony Mackie) whom everyone generally dislikes.  That’s right, Anthony Mackie is a robot in this movie, not a real person but there’s a twist… he’s a robot who can break the rules, has empathy and “feels”.  I true sci-fi fashion this is going to turn out great, right?  Most sci-fi movies who give AI free will turn out benefiting the creator. 😅

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