Marvel’s Secret Invasion series has landed with its first episode, and boy, it’s a doozy! With a cast boasting names like Samuel L. Jackson, Emilia Clarke, and Don Cheadle, it’s a spy thriller that packs a punch. Of course, it’s set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where superpowers are a dime a dozen, but the real twist here is the Skrulls – shifty aliens who can morph into anyone. Talk about a trust issue!

Setting The Stage

The series opener unloads a lot of information right from the get-go, so it’s a good idea to make sure you’re sitting comfortably with some popcorn before you press play. We’re in Moscow, and it’s here that we find Agent Everett Ross (played by Martin Freeman), who you might remember from Black Panther. But wait, there’s a twist! Ross is not Ross… he’s a Skrull! Just when you thought you knew who the good guys were.

The Return of Nick Fury

Nick Fury in Moscow
Samuel L. Jackson reprises his role as the world-weary Nick Fury, who has been out in space working on a project called S.A.B.E.R. Now, he’s back on Earth and teaming up with Agent Maria Hill, played by Cobie Smulders, to tackle the Skrull threat. But it’s not just the Skrulls they’re up against. Fury’s return has ruffled some feathers, and it seems he no longer holds the sway he once did.

Skrulls within Skrulls

We also meet a couple of new Skrull characters in this episode. There’s G’iah, played by Emilia Clarke, who’s the daughter of Talos, the leader of the good Skrulls. And then there’s Gravik, the new villain on the block, played by Kingsley Ben-Adir. Gravik’s got a bone to pick with Fury, feeling let down by his apparent abandonment post-Blip. He’s also managed to rally a group of young, displaced Skrulls.

Fury’s Old Friends and Foes

Fury’s return to Earth also has him crossing paths with old friends and foes alike. We’re introduced to Sonya, an old MI6 ally played by Olivia Colman, who seems less than thrilled about Nick’s return. Meanwhile, President Ritson, played by Dermot Mulroney, is briefed about Fury’s activities by none other than War Machine, played by Don Cheadle.

The Skrull Rebellion

Throughout the episode, we learn that several Skrulls have taken umbrage at Fury and Carol Danvers’ disappearance post-Blip. This has led to a rebellion, with G’iah at the helm, residing in a hidden haven for Skrulls named “New Skrullos”. The Skrulls here continue to remain in human form, making it even more challenging for Fury and his team to identify them.

The Plot Thickens

As the episode progresses, it becomes clear that the Skrull threat is multi-layered. Gravik, it seems, has a nefarious plan to kickstart World War III by instigating a conflict between America and Russia using a massive bomb. Fury and his team must race against the clock to stop this from happening.

The First Confrontation

The climax of the episode sees Fury confronting Gravik. Despite their best efforts to prevent the bombings, the Skrulls outsmart Fury’s team, and the bombs detonate, causing a massive loss of life. Gravik, disguised as Fury, even goes as far as to shoot and kill Maria Hill. This leaves Fury and Talos in a precarious situation.

The Aftermath

Maria Hill's death
The episode ends on a grim note, with Maria Hill’s death and the fallout of the bombings. Fury and his team are left to pick up the pieces and gear up for the battles to come.

Looking Ahead

Marvel’s Secret Invasion has hit the ground running with its first episode. With a complex plot, intriguing characters, and high stakes, it promises to be an exhilarating ride. As we delve deeper into this world of deception and shape-shifting aliens, we can’t wait to see how our heroes will navigate the challenges that lie ahead.

Stay tuned for more recaps and reviews of future episodes. In the meantime, don’t forget to catch the second episode of Secret Invasion on Disney Plus!

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