In the rapidly evolving world of music, artists are continually pushing boundaries to create fresh and compelling sounds. A name that has been making waves in Australia’s music industry is Skeler, a Perth-based producer. His contributions to the Wave genre have not only reshaped the music scene locally but have also resonated with international audiences.

Skeler: The Man Behind the Moniker

After completing his high school education, Skeler immersed himself in the world of music production, primarily focusing on Dubstep, Trap, and other heavy music genres. At the time, these genres were leading the music scene in Perth and Australia at large. However, Skeler found himself irresistibly drawn to the more introspective and relaxing sounds one could enjoy at home or in solitude.

Discovering New Music Inspirations

As Skeler delved into this more mellow realm, he stumbled upon artists like Kareful and Da Vosk Docta. Their music struck a chord within him, motivating him to create music under the pseudonym ‘Skeler’. His first track, ‘1992’, was a tribute to Da Vosk Docta’s ‘1991’, a testament to the impact Da Vosk Docta’s music had on his early career.

Skeler’s Unique Sound: A Blend of Ambient, Electronic, and Experimental Genres

From there, Skeler began to mold a unique sound that married elements of ambient, electronic, and experimental genres. His music features a dreamy and atmospheric quality, characterized by intricate soundscapes and emotive melodies. This unique blend of sounds has become a defining characteristic of Skeler’s music.

Making Waves in Australia and Beyond

With his distinctive sound, Skeler has managed to attract a loyal following, not just in Australia, but internationally as well. He has collaborated with other producers within the Wave genre and has performed at various events to promote this new music movement. Skeler’s contributions to the Wave genre have earned him respect and admiration from fans and fellow artists alike.

As Skeler continues to evolve and push the boundaries of music, he remains a key figure in Australia’s burgeoning music scene. His passion for creating unique and compelling sounds ensures that he will continue to influence the world of new music for years to come.

The Wave Movement: An Introduction

For the first six months of his career under the Skeler moniker, he wasn’t quite aware of the concept of ‘Wave music’. He had a general understanding of it but was oblivious to the genre’s size or growth. He was initially categorizing his music as ‘Eurobass’, a genre similar to Wave, but with more emphasis on rap and hip-hop influences.

Understanding the Wave Genre

As people started referring to his music as Wave, Skeler began to comprehend the genre’s nuances. He observed the genre growing daily, not only in terms of size but also in terms of style. With more artists joining the genre, there was an increasing variation within the scene.

Artists such as Enjoii, Stahl, Mystxrivl, Pholo, Loneliness, Othos, and Nevaeh are just a few names that are pushing the genre to new heights. They inspire and challenge Skeler to create new sounds as well.

The Future of Wave Music

As the Wave genre continues to grow, so does Skeler’s influence within it. His unique sound and dedication to the genre have firmly established him as one of the key players in this new music scene.

Skeler’s rise in the music industry demonstrates the power of passion and innovation in creating new music that resonates with audiences. As he continues to evolve his sound, Skeler is setting new standards for what is possible in the Wave genre. His journey serves as an inspiration for current and future artists and serves as a testament to the power of music in connecting people across borders.

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