Hamsa Hand Incense Burner


This incense burner features a beautifully crafted Hamsa Hand sitting at the top of an ornately sculpted ash troth.  The Hamsa Hand or “Hand of The Goddess” can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia.  The image is most commonly depicted in art as an open-facing right hand. However, many works of art have been crafted depicting the hand throughout the history of the middle east, including but not limited to elaborate jewelry and gem-encrusted amulets.  The Hamsa represents good fortune & blessings, power, strength, protection, and defense against evil forces.

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  • A symbol of protection
  • Helps defend against Evil Eye
  • Length: 10.5″
  • Material: Painted & Sculpted Polyresin

What is Polyresin?

A polyresin is a durable stone-based compound such as Alabastrite, which combines oxylite and polystone. It is easy to sculpt and can be melted to a soft form and pressed into molds. It holds paint well and can look like porcelain, but it is heavier and more durable than porcelain.


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