7 Chakra Natural Stone Tree of Life Necklace

The tree of life is one of the most ancient symbols on earth, dating back to 7000 BC representing harmony and balance. It has different and interesting meanings in cultures throughout the world.  For instance, in Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama is said to have achieved enlightenment sitting under the Bhodi-tree.  An achievement that has reverberated through history. In other cultures, the different parts of the Tree of Life take on a different significance.  The Roots of the tree represent the spiritual realm of reality where we draw our energy from.  The tree’s trunk represents our world, the mortal world, and the reality in which we live.  The branches of the tree of life represent the heavens and the universe itself.


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  • Material: Metal Alloy, Crystal
  • Length of the cord: 17″ + 2″ (Approx.)
  • Pendant Height: 2″ Approx.)
  • Package includes: 1 Necklace


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