XL Tie-Dye Hamsa Hand Tapestry


The Hamsa hand is a protective sign symbolizing the hand of God. It brings you good fortune and health. It was associated with a female goddess offering protection from dark forces in ancient times. The word “Hamsa” means five, representing the five fingers of the hand and the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which corresponds to one of the names for God in the language.    You might not know this, but the hamsa ha can hang the Hamsa hand tapestry with the fingers facing up but also with the fingers pointing downward; there’s no wrong way! The ThreadHeads Tie Dye Hamsa Hand Tapestry measures 55 inches by 83 inches and features a hamsa hand at the center of a tie-dye mandala. This Tapestry is manufactured in Nepal and made of 100% cotton.

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  • 55″ x 83″ tapestry
  • Hamsa mandala on tie-dye design
  • 100% cotton
  • Made in Nepal


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