Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite XL Metal Locker Tin


You know, carbonite is excellent for saving things for later. This locker tin takes full advantage of that idea in full-on Star Wars fashion.  This groovy tin is taller than it is wide and has Han Solo’s tortured figure embossed across the front faithfully replicated from the Return of the Jedi.  But what’s more, is it has a tiny latch to swing it shut and lock it.  This piece comes with a lock with two minor keys.  Now, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a safety vault you’d want to store your Rolex watch in, but it does provide some security for whatever you might want to tuck away, in carbonite too!  One more fresh detail is that it has a little coin slot on top, making it perfect for dropping in that spare change for a rainy day!

In stock


  • Size: A massive 10″ tall! 4″ In Width and 4″ in Depth.
  • Sturdy Metal Construction
  • Comes with Lock and Two Keys
  • Coin Slot on Top for easily depositing change.


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