Dreamcatcher Tie Dyed Wall Hanging


This gorgeous tapestry has a tie-dye dream catcher in the center with hanging features.  Dream catchers are a type of protective talisman traditionally made by North American tribes and are adorned with feathers and beads.  This might make a good tapestry for over your bead or even if you fall asleep on the sofa quite a bit.  It might be nice to place it there.  The dream catcher is intended to trap the bad dreams or visions that fill the air around you while you sleep.  don’t worry it won’t catch all the dreams.  The good dreams are filtered through the dream catcher and gently fall down the feathers to you while you sleep.  Great for anywhere near our around your bed or a place you often rest.

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  • Size: 30″ x 43″
  • Made In India
  • 100% Cotton


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