The Great Outdoors 3pc Enamel Pin Set


Whether it’s camping or glamping this little enamel pin set offers a rustic accessory for your jacket, backpack, or wherever you’d like to pin them.  This little three-piece set offers a couple of different scenic views.  One says “Freedom” on it and pictures a little van and a frame tent at the foot of a mountainside.  Another is a van with “let’s go” written on the fender and in the background you can see a rising sun peeking from behind some mountain tops.  The third is my personal favorite.  Its circular design is defined by a crescent and within you can see the sun high in the sky.  In the foreground, there’s a little cabin, a campfire, and the silhouette of a dog.  🐶The dog is what does it for me!  I’m a dog person so I LOVE this one.  I will definitely be bringing my doggo.  He’s getting pretty old though.  He’s about 13 at the time I’m writing this product description.  He’s a miniature schnauzer.  He has his good and bad days.  I hope you like this pin set and will purchase it from us!

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  • 3pc Enamel Pin Set
  • Rubber Backing
  • Cool Rustic Outdoorsy Designs
  • A nice personal reminder of good times and simple pleasures
  • Promotes outdoor lifestyle
  • Each is Around between 1″ & 1.2″ across depending on the design


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