Teeny Tins Space Invaders Series 1 Totes


These Teeny Tins Minature Metal Lunchbox Totes are unbelievably small and cool.  They are a miniaturized version of your favorite old-school metal lunch box for keeping your stash, keepsakes, or whatever tiny items you need to keep together in a little tin.  There’s a variety of designs, and it’s pretty hard to pick out which one is the coolest.  Personally, I like the throwback Space Invaders Retro artwork tin, but you might be more of a fan of the gameplay screen or even the little green 8bit alien buddy.  It doesn’t really matter; you’re gonna get some swag props.

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  • Dimentions: 3½” x 2½”
  • Interior Depth: 1″
  • Material: Metal


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