Tarot Card Enamel Pin Set


These tarot card enamel pins are the perfect gothic or mystic accessory you’ve been searching for!!! Ok, here’s what I’m thinking… you could pin them all to one item because you love the set and what to showcase your divinatory prowess.  Option B would be to pin each one to a different article so you could show solidarity in identity but with a little bit of variation; that’s a really good option too.  There are lots of other options, though!  You could share each one with a friend that you think best suits their personality!  I definitely know someone who would get the Death card.  There is five total, and that’s a lot of friends.  I hope you’re blessed.

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  • Each Pin Approx. 1.1″ x .74″
  • 5 Peice Set!
  • Show your love for the mystic arts!



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