Cute Cats Doing Stuff Enamel Pin Set


Cats aren’t just pets for some people; they become an obsession.  Once you developed a report with these furry little creatures that think they’re humans, there’s no going back.  This little enamel pin set takes that concept to the next level; we have cats doing human things.  The first of this five-pin set is the cat with an egg and toast.  It’s the perfect way to start your day.  There are the two cute little kitties on a bicycle; that one is super cute.  We also have a little cat using a hula hoop and another lifting weight.  Finally, we have a little kitty doing what we all do a little too much, sitting on their bum booking through his little cat phone.  I love how there is a tiny paw print on the phone instead of an apple symbol.  This inexpensive little set is the perfect gift for cat lovers or to show love for your fur baby.

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  • Cute cats doing human stuff, who doesn’t love that!
  • 1″-1.5″ in length and width depending on design
  • Comes with rubber backing


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