Loungefly Alice in Wonderland Crossbody Purse – Limited Edition


Alice in Wonderland is arguably one of the most iconic Disney films there is.  What makes Alice in Wonderland so unique among the Disney films is the ties to alternative culture.  AIW is synonymous with psychedelia.  Just look at the characters, the insane Cheshire cat, the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts! All these characters have lost their minds.  If you’ve ever experienced the psychedelic for yourself you come to understand how the commonplace can get turned upside down.  Some might say Alice should have never eaten those mushrooms and walked through the door.  I like to think I’m the adventurous type.  Within reason, I’ll hop right in and see what I can learn.  I digress, we’re talking about a purse here.

This purse is adorned with mushrooms, the decorative variety, you can’t eat them.  You’ll see some of your favorite characters from the “Golden Afternoon” song from the original animated Disney film.  at the top you’ll see my favorite too, the Cheshire cat, silly cat.

In stock


  • Authentic Loungefly & Disney Collaboration
  • Durable faux leather
  • One front zippered enclosure for small items
  • Top zippered enclosure for larger items
  • One Interior zippered enclosure (inside the larger one)
  • Matching adjustable nylon strap
  • Makes a very nice un-birthday present


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